Tax Rates

In Virginia, counties and cities are separate taxing entities. Companies and individuals  pays  either county or city taxes, depending upon the location. However, someone located within the limits of a town is subject to both town and county taxes. (Rates as of July 1, 2020.)

Virginia Sales & Use Tax


Real Estate Tax

LocalityAssessment RatioEffective Rate
Campbell County100%$0.52
Town of Brookneal100%$0.17
Town of Altavista100% 

Machinery & Tools Tax

LocalityValue UsedAssessment RatioEffective Rate/$100
Campbell CountyOriginal Cost25%$0.80
Town of BrooknealOriginal Cost25%$0.43
Town of AltavistaOriginal Cost25%$0.50

Business Personal Property Tax

Age of Equipment: 1 - 10 Years
LocalityValue UsedEffective Rate/$100
Campbell County25% of cost$1.11
Town of Brookneal25% of cost$0.43
Town of Altavista25% of cost$0.50

Age of Equipment: 10 + Years

LocalityValue UsedEffective Rate/$100
Campbell County15% of cost$0.67
Town of Brookneal15% of cost$0.26
Town of Altavista15% of cost$0.30

Business & Professional Occupational License

All businesses with gross receipts under $100,000 are exempt from tax and subject to license fee only ($20, $30 or $40).

  • $0.16/$100 of gross receipts for contractors
  • $0.50/$100 of gross receipts for professional service
  • $0.20/$100 of gross receipts for retail sales
  • $0.05/$100 of gross purchases for wholesale
  • $0.35/$100 of gross receipts for personal service and repair

Utility Taxes

  • Telephone: $1.40 maximum/month on each line
  • Mobile Phone: $3.00 maximum/month (10% of first $30.00)
  • Gas: $3.00 maximum/month
  • E-911 Service Fee: $1.60 maximum/month per line
  • Electricity: $3.00 maximum/month on each meter