RSVP for Campbell Connects Meeting on June 9

Elder and Tibbs Dining Room at Drug Store Grill

Campbell Connects will hold its quarterly meeting on June 9 at 6:00pm in the Elder & Tibbs Dining Room at the Drug Store Grill in Brookneal. Refreshments will be served and a cash bar is available. Members of the entire Campbell County business community are encouraged to attend and network with peers. Campbell Connects meetings can be a great place to exchange ideas and explore ways that multiple businesses can collaborate to further businesses development. RSVP today to or (434) 332-9595 to let us know you are coming and spread the word to your business contacts.

Entrepreneurs and established business owners alike can benefit from the opportunity Campbell Connects provides. Each meeting, Campbell County Economic Development arranges for a guest speaker to inform attendees of valuable, available programming from local public partners. The June 9 meeting in Brookneal will include a presentation by Stephanie Keener, Executive Director of the Small Business Development Center-Lynchburg Region.

For making business-to-business connections, for learning about programs that can support and develop your existing businesses, for building foundational relationships for future projects: Campbell Connects meetings are YOUR time to have the conversations that can build momentum, speed collaboration, and drive the economic development of the County.

Finding time to coordinate schedules with multiple business contacts can be a challenge. Be efficient! Agree to see each other at Campbell Connects and all the prep work is done for you. We look forward to seeing you there!