Route 501 Coalition Membership



The 501 Executive Committee is composed of one local government representative and one private citizen representative from each of the nine member localities.


Donald Austin - VDOT - Appomattox/Campbell 434-352-7135

Kenneth Martin - VDOT - Halifax Residency Administrator 434-433-3141

Phyllis Campbell - Town of Brookneal - Mayor 434-376-3124

Gary Christie - Region 2000 - Local Government Council 434-845-3491

Edward Owens - Town of South Boston - Mayor 434-575-4200

Mike Davidson - Campbell County Economic Development Director 434-592-9595

J.T. Davis - Halifax County Board of Supervisors 434-376-5480

James Halasz - Halifax County - County Administrator 434-476-3300

City of Lynchburg - Traffic Engineer 434-847-1360

Paul Harvey - Campbell County Community Development Director 434-592-9596

Jeffrey Kessler - VDOT - Salem/Lynchburg 434-856-8293

Ron Lovelace - Campbell County 434-528-1520

Susan Martin - Bedford Chamber of Commerce 540-586-9401

Traci Blido - Bedford County Economic Development Director 540-587-5670

Christine Kennedy - Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance 434-845-5968

J.D. Puckett - Campbell County Board of Supervisors 434-592-9525

Bob Sutton - VDOT 540-586-7910

Bob White - Region 2000 - Local Government Council 434-845-5678


U.S. Highway 501 serves a vital role in the economic life of this region; thousands of trucks traverse it daily, supporting businesses and industries that are already located here. And the road’s condition certainly impacts the economic development potential of the land around it. Consequently, many area companies have begun to lend their support to the Coalition’s efforts to seek a regional, long-term solution. Won’t you? Whether you’re part of a local business or just a concerned citizen, we would welcome your assistance in our efforts to make 501 safer.

If you would like to join our efforts to make U.S. Highway 501 a safer place to travel, send us an email